Malone Psychology Services based in Belfast

What Clients say about Malone Psychology Services - Belfast

“Dr O’Connor has excellent communication skills and his personal qualities are such that I have no doubt in his ability to form positive relationships and effective working alliances with people from a wide variety of disciplines and from all walks of life”.

Dr H E Rhodes – Clinical Psychologist

“Dr O’Connor integrated quickly within the practices of our department, showing flexibility and receptiveness to alternative ways of working. Indeed, he brought within him knowledge, an array of experiences and insights to fine tune and constructively impact on the work practices of those within our department. John was well liked by the staff in our team and evidenced good outcomes with his clients. I personally found him to be reassuring and sensitive when faced with testing situations and valued having him as a professional colleague. I have been privileged to work with Dr O’Connor and it is with great pleasure that I commit this recommendation”.

Dr Adam Asgard – Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

“I have always found Dr O’Connor to be open, approachable, helpful and dedicated to patient well-being. He demonstrates constructive thinking, clinical competencies and leadership around difficult treatment issues.”

Mr David Fenton – Senior Social Worker

“Dr O’Connor worked with The Ministry of Defence form 2008-2009 working in Germany and the UK with service personnel and their families. He is a highly committed and hard-working Clinical Psychologist with skills in a variety of assessment and therapeutic techniques.”

Dr Jamie Hacker Hughes – Head of Defence Clinical Psychology, Defence Consultant Advisor in Psychology

“John took regular referrals from us…He was organised and seemed to take pleasure in helping his traumatised patients get better using evidence-based treatment methods. Feedback from patients was positive”.

Dr Manda Holmshaw – Consultant Clinical Psychologist

“My experience of working with Dr O’Connor has been effortless and extremely helpful. I look forward to using his expert skills again”.

Mr James Winter-Whittaker, ACT Solicitors, Nottingham

“Dr O’Connor has used an array of psychometric assessments which has usefully complimented my Psychiatric work in terms of the need for complex psychological information. His formulations have summarised information from a variety of sources in a way that has been vital in steering patient care. He is very skilled at communicating information clearly and sensitively such that it is understood by colleagues, patients and their families”.

Dr Praveen Kumar – Psychiatrist

“John was employed to help reduce our large waiting list and proved very effective in doing this. He applied himself to a substantial caseload and was able to discharge a large number of clients”.

Dr Dominic Crowley – Consultant Clinical Psychologist

“As a Teacher I have appreciated the quality of Dr O’Connor’s complex neuropsychological assessments and formulations which he has always delivered efficiently and clearly. He is an extremely skilled communicator, often presenting distressing information to young people and families with great sensitivity”.

Miss Natalie Wallace – Teacher

“John provided assessments of the highest calibre. I was consistently impressed with his thoroughness, expertise and speed of report delivery. Dr O’Connor’s formidable reputation is well-deserved”.

Mrs Sue Baker – Contracts and Commissions Manager