Find success in your stress

This month I have decided to provide some insights for dealing with the daily stress that life throws at us all. You might think this a tall order in a short article but answers are usually as straightforward as we choose….

Every result that we try to achieve involves some kind of stress…the stress of passing an exam, getting that job, dealing with relationships. Stress often occurs to us as negative but the
good news is that these fears are what drive us to succeed and survive. It’s not easy – but it’s simple – humans can be motivated by anxiety. Depending on how we choose to perceive it, stress can be our friend, so rather than making our situation (and ourselves) wrong, we will have an easier time if we choose to accept stress as part of part of the normal human condition – rather than try to fix it.

We all make mistakes – to err is human (to really mess up you need a computer!), and if we don’t make mistakes we don’t make anything. The key is to really get that tolerable amounts
of anxiety are not only part of what it is to or to be human and normal, they push forward our development. The result is that we often discover talents – as well as bad habits – that we never
knew we had! We can then take actions to improve our newlydiscovered talents and to address our faults.

Of course I am not talking about the stress of having serious ill-health or having to cope with uncontrollable stress for which professional help is usually required, but when we re-evaluate
our relationship to life’s daily annoyances, it can leave us empowered, enlivened and free to accept it a more empowering way. When we become wrapped up in anxiety we fi nd ourselves
at its mercy…but the tables can be turned with making the appropriate choices and taking action. Doing nothing will produce no results.

Remember The Bard “There is Neither Good Nor Bad, but thinking makes it so!”

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